Deena and Kristin from Big Little Feelings!


Today’s feature includes toddler experts:

Kristin and Deena of Big Little Feelings.

Everyone on our team here at hope&plum loves following along and as a company also started by two best friends, we love watching these two best friends and moms crush it with their business! Kristian, a mom of two toddlers, and Deena, child therapist, parent coach, and mom, started Big Little Feelings as a way to help parents and caregivers navigate the tough moments that come with raising kids. They provide online courses, and share daily tips on their instagram (@biglittlefeelings) on how to handle toddler tantrums and emotions. If you don’t already, you NEED to follow them right now!

how to stop a tantrum before it even starts

What inspired your business?

Deena is a child therapist, and as Lulu headed into toddlerhood, Kristin was texting Deena asking tons of questions, like “Ok, she’s scared to go to school now! How should I handle this?” And “We’ve got a new baby coming! How can we prepare her and prevent sibling jealousy?” We started to realize that toddler parents need support, and we wanted to create a space that parents could turn to for all things toddlerhood – community, helpful advice and strategies that work. 

Plus, Kristin – who was an “Instagram mom” and followed all the helpful accounts- was feeling dejected because there didn’t seem to be a mom in sight who looked like her – a normal, messy, everyday mom just trying to do her best in the beautiful chaos that is parenting toddlers. So in creating Big Little Feelings we vowed to always be ourselves – our hair and makeup isn’t always done and our homes are not perfectly organized. It’s just us, as we are on any given day, sweat pants and and mom buns. 

Bonding with a toddler

What has been the biggest achievement or victory so far in your business (other than your explosive growth in just 10 short months!)?

Watching families grow and become happier. There’s nothing better in the world than hearing our gameplans have helped a parent feel more confident and enjoy their family more, and on the flipside knowing that more and more kids will be building lifelong resilience in the process!  

Big Little Feelings Founders

What is the best part about working with your best friend? What is the most challenging part?

It’s truly the best working together. We have worked hard to have open, honest communication and we have so much fun coming up with new ideas together. There have been moments here and there where we haven’t agreed on things, but we’ve leaned heavily on our communication tools and sorted through it together with respect and empathy. I’m proud of us! 

Communicating with a Toddler Tip

How did you find out about babywearing?

Deena: I heard from Kristin! I remember she wore Lulu a ton. And I wear Hunter, my baby, all the time! So nice having him snuggled on me throughout the day. 

Kristin: Yes! Baby wearing was my favorite. 

When is babywearing most useful for you and/or what benefits do you find to babywearing? 

Deena: I love having him close to me. He’s calmer and I feel really connected with him. Plus, I can get so much more done throughout the day and do things I love like cooking, which Hunter really likes to watch. I feel like he’s learning about life and exploring.  

You Can Do Hard Things

Biggest challenge in motherhood/parenting?

Deena: Never getting a break. There’s no days off! I do my best to find little moments to restore, but it’s especially hard during quarantine.  

Favorite piece of parenting advice?

You’re human, you’re going to mess up, have days where you’re exhausted, and just can’t do it all. And that’s ok!! This parenting journey is all about progress, not perfection. We’re all struggling and trying our best, together.