My Introduction to Babywearing by Kezia Glascok


I remember being pregnant with my son and knowing that I wanted to babywear once he was born. I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into because no one I knew did it. I registered for all the baby wraps I could find and was determined to learn how to do it before he was born. The night we came home from the hospital I wore him in a wrap. For my first time, I think I did a pretty good job but I could tell right away I didn’t like how much fabric there was. One of the wraps I got had rings and showed how to thread them to create a sling. I tried and realized this was the right idea but still too much fabric and eventually sent me down a rabbit hole of ring slings.

I purchased my first ring sling off amazon. I watched the website videos a thousand times and practiced all the time until I finally got the hang of it. That sling was my gateway into a ring sling obsession!

I started buying from companies and trying different fabrics. I began talking in different sling communities but never really found a group I was super connected with. Shortly after having my daughter, I discovered hope&plum. I immediately felt welcome and connected to the owners/members of their community. I was a new mom of two and felt like I was looking at a highlight reel in other communities but in hope&plum. I felt that people shared the good bad and ugly of it all. Not only were the community, the owners, and the slings amazing. The business was centered around great values that my family and I practiced on our own. They really focused on sustainability and being environmentally friendly in all ways they could be. I felt like this brand and these slings were meant for me. I’m glad that my slinging journey has brought me such amazing friendships and lots of slings!