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Babywearing Enamel Pins

Style: hope&plum Artwork

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About Our Babywearing Enamel Pins

These beautiful pins were created to commemorate our babywearing journeys as parents. Perfect for using on your hope&plum tote, fanny pack, or your favorite diaper bag! Prices include shipping. 

Carry Them PinThis cute enamel lapel pin measures 1" x 0.5" and is set with light blue enamel on gold-tone metal, complete with a hard metal clutch. The pin is hard enamel. 

hope&plum Artwork Pin: This cute enamel lapel pin measures 1.25 inches across and is set with white enamel on black-tone metal, complete with a hard rubber clutch. The pin is hard enamel. 


These pins are not a toy and are not intended for children.