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Chiton is one of our signature hemp/cotton blends. This breathable, double layered sling was named after the marine molluscs, Chitons, found on or under rocks in the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean. Chitons bear a protective dorsal shell which allow them to roll into a protective ball when dislodged and to cling tightly to irregular surfaces. When flipped over, their underbellies display a beautiful textured, soft orange in which drew our inspiration.

Our hemp blends are all double layer slings, but we find them to be it is  soft and easy to work with, whether you are slinging a newborn or a toddler.

Length: This sling is available in three sizes, short (~74"), mid (~82") and long length (~90"). All slings are fully adjustable. Need help with sizing? Click here to check out our size guide!

Ring Colors: Black and Bronze. 

Weight/Fabric: Double layer, hemp/cotton blend. 

Hand sewn in Minnesota. This sling is suitable for carrying newborns (from 8 pounds) to toddlers (up to 35 pounds). 

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