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Found nowhere else in the world, our striped spice colored inspiration is one of a kind; Marmot is a double layered hemp/cotton blend. The Olympic marmot is the most social and gregarious mammals on the peninsula as they nuzzle, play, chirp and feed together. In 2010, the number of marmots was found to be declining, so the park initiated a monitoring program that enables volunteers to record the presence or absence of marmots in many meadows throughout the park.

Length: This sling is available in three sizes, short (~74"), mid (~82") and long length (~90"). All slings are fully adjustable. Need help with sizing? Click here to check out our size guide!

Ring Colors: Black and Bronze. 

Weight/Fabric: Double layer, hemp/cotton blend. 

Hand sewn in Minnesota. This sling is suitable for carrying newborns (from 8 pounds) to toddlers (up to 35 pounds). 

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