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A single herringbone with it’s creamy white coloring was named for one of the most endearing of Pacific Northwest natives. In springtime, the dainty white flowers with golden yellow anthers appear. Gardening with trillium teaches the rewards of patience: young plants can take three to five years to bloom and another five to eight years to develop into a nice clump. Just like this sling, these gorgeous gems are worth it. 

Length: This sling is available in three sizes, short (~74"), mid (~82") and long length (~90"). All slings are fully adjustable. Need help with sizing? Click here to check out our size guide!

Ring Colors: Black, Champagne and Bronze. 

Weight/Fabric: Single layer, 100% linen.

Hand sewn in Minnesota. This sling is suitable for carrying newborns (from 8 pounds) to toddlers (up to 35 pounds). 

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