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A rich, deep rust colored single linen inspired by one of the richest archaeological sites in North America. Ozette is an unincorporated community where, in 1970, a storm surge battered the upper beach and began to erode the bank of Cape Alava. Hidden in the clay banks was the story of Ozette life, told by thousands of perfectly preserved artifacts unearthing the culture of the Makah people. 

Length: This sling is available in three sizes, short (~74"), mid (~82") and long length (~90"). All slings are fully adjustable. Need help with sizing? Click here to check out our size guide!

Ring Colors: Black, Slate and Bronze.

Weight/Fabric: Single layer, 100% linen.

Hand sewn in Minnesota. This sling is suitable for carrying newborns (from 8 pounds) to toddlers (up to 35 pounds). 

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