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Repurposing your hope&plum Cloth Bags!

When we first started hope&plum, one of our core values was a focus on environmentally-friendly business practices. When it came to our packaging, we wanted it to be a minimal as possible. We settled on reusable cotton bags and we haven't looked back! There are all kinds of ways to reuse our cotton bags and we love getting creative with them. Here are a few of our favorite ideas!

Diaper Bag Organization:

If you're a parent of small children, chances are you have a diaper bag full of essentials to get you through an outing with your child(ren)! Sometimes our diaper bags can turn into what feels like a bottomless pit of toys, snacks, and other kid essentials (sprinkled with some crumbs). Thats where it can be helpful to use our cloth bags for storing things you need to find quickly like a change of clothes, snacks or items for diaper changes! Some of our favorite diaper bag brands are Citi Collective (pictured here), Lily Jade and Jooneco!

Dry Goods/Produce Storage:

One incredible way to use your bags and reduce plastic is to use them for dry goods when buying in bulk or for produce! Buying in bulk allows you to purchase the quantities you need for your family and reduces plastic packaging and waste! Our cotton bags can also be used as produce bags for small produce making them perfect for your weekly shopping trips. Some of our favorite places to buy bulk foods include Whole Foods, Sprouts and local farmers markets!

Small Toy Storage:


One of our customers most common uses is to use their hope&plum bags to store small toys! They are the perfect size for a set of blocks, legos or other small toys. Some of our favorite small shops that make toys include: Leesie and Pip (pictured here) and Happy Oak Toys.

Ring Sling Storage:

A simple use, but another great one is to use your bag to store your ring sling! You can roll up your sling and store it in our cotton bag and toss it into your diaper bag until you're ready to use it. This is a great way to keep your sling clean while storing it! 

These are just a few ways you can repurpose our cotton bags! The great thing is, no matter how you use your bag, you can wash them and continue to use them for a long time!  We would love to hear how you like to repurpose your bags, tell us below!