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A hope&plum Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner.  While it may look a little different this year, we know one thing remains the same: babywearing costumes are EPIC! It's a simple way to be festive while keeping your little one close. Here's a few costume ideas you could put together last minute!

Lady Bug in a Flower Pot

A hope&plum Halloween

This one is so simple but oh so adorable for any age. All you have do is put some fake flowers inside your sling and get a headband for your baby! Some fun variation so would be making your baby a worm or garden animal. You could add to this by getting a costume ready for yourself! A tall sunflower, a tree, a gardener...the options are endless!

A Witch and her Kitten

A hope&plum Halloween

It’s a classic! The versatility of this costume does not go unnoticed. Make it simple and cute by wearing black with a hat and cat ears or add in make-up and props for a more spooky look. Whatever you go for, we just know it will be a fun one!

A Monkey Mama and her Monkey Baby

A hope&plum Halloween

Want a little more color in your day? Or should we say night? Look no further than this monkey family! We loved pairing the monkey ears with a bold pattern for some fun family time!

A Cat and a Mouse

A hope&plum Halloween

The little black dress of costumes. Literally! Grab your little black dress, throw on some car ears, and you’re nearly ready for a night of trick-or-treat. As for your little one, we think they would be perfect as a mouse! Name a better duo. We’ll wait...

A Little Cub

A hope&plum Halloween

This one is for my last minute DIYers. We cannot be the only ones shocked at how fast October has gone! We blinked at we are a week away from Halloween. Have no fear...animal ears are here! Most babies have something with animal ears on it like a bonnet, a cardigan, or headband. Your baby is so cute as a baby animal, no one will notice you’re not dressed up at all!


See more creative hope&plum costumes by searching for #hopeandplumhalloween ! Don’t forget to enter our Halloween Contest by Nov. 2!