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Cold Weather Babywearing

Winter is here, and it's a great time to snuggle up with your babe and keep them close with babywearing. One of the most common questions we get this time of year is: How do I keep myself and my baby warm while using a ring sling? Below are a few tips and tricks to help keep you and your little one warm even as the temperature drops. 


Babywearing Coat

These are coats made specifically for babywearing. They're created to be large enough to cover yourself and your child completely, with an extra panel that can be removable. Often, these coats come with a space for the baby's head to pop through and can even include a hood just for them. Depending on how cold it gets where you live and how often you are outside, this might be a great option to really keep the warmth in!


Layers For Caregiver

Layering is an easy way to keep warm. Put on a long-sleeved shirt or thin sweater before putting on your baby carrier to keep your arms covered and avoid bulk. If you're still not as warm as you like, throw a jacket or windbreaker on over the top to keep those chilly winds away. If needed, add a hat and gloves, and you're set for those cold-weather adventures.


Layers For The Little

When putting your babe into a sling, we want to avoid clothes that change fit and comfort, like bulky snowsuits. Remember you and baby are sharing body heat that adds warmth on top of any layers you or them are wearing. A great rule of thumb is to dress baby in one more layer than you, and to count the sling as an extra layer as well. Leggings or pants in a sturdy material like thick cotton, fleece, or wool with long socks and cozy shoes are a great way to keep baby's lower half warm. A tight fitting shirt with a sweater or sweatshirt over can help keep baby's upper body feeling comfy. Put on a cute hat to keep their heads warm and the wind away, and your babe will stay cozy and happy. Make sure you size up if you decide to put your kid in footie pajamas or similar clothing. You want to keep from putting any pressure on their little toes, and pajamas that are too tight can keep you from getting a deep seat and comfortable fit in your sling.



Extra Checks

While you're out, make sure you do some extra checks on baby to make sure their temperature is well regulated. Check that their torso feels warm, and keep a look out for any blue lips. If baby starts feeling too cold, it's time to take a break and add another layer or two before you head out again. Alternatively, if baby starts to sweat or feels too warm, shed a layer or two until baby feels more comfortable.



Whether it's snowing where you live or you're just dealing with some cold winds, keeping warm while babywearing doesn't have to be complicated. Layers with a coat thrown on top are an easy and quick way to stay to avoid getting cold. We love that our ring slings are a fast way to get babe up when running errands and spending time outdoors. We hope these tips helped give you some ideas on staying warm this winter.