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About Us

Our Mission

Our love of being close to our babes combined with the desire (and quite frankly, the need!) to be free to easily move is what makes ring slings so essential to our everyday lives as mothers. Our name, hope&plum comes from the middle names of our two beautiful daughters who made us parents. When we first started playing with the idea of starting a company, we looked to our love of traveling and the outdoors as our inspiration for colors and textures. Each release is inspired by a national park and a portion of the proceeds from each sling in the collection is donated to a nonprofit that does work with or in the park. We hope to inspire others to travel to these beautiful places and help join the fight to sustain them for our future generations.

We genuinely believe babywearing is something that should be shared with everyone, not just mothers. That's why we strive to provide products that we believe meet the needs and desires of all parents, grandparents, and caregivers, in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. We seek to source all of our supplies fairly and strive to use companies and independent contractors who share our love for babywearing.

Meet Our Co-Founders

hope&plum is owned and operated by its two co-founders, Skye and Mallory. They met one another through an online group of women while trying to conceive their children. They noticed an instant connection and have shared a close relationship through the struggles of trying to get pregnant, the joys and difficulties of pregnancy, and navigating first time parenthood.  Mallory introduced Skye to babywearing, and ring slings quickly became both of their favorite way to carry their children. After struggling to find a ring sling company that fit their beliefs and aesthetics, the two women joined forces to start their own company and hope&plum was born! They both worked tirelessly after their babes went to bed to source fabrics and build the business you see today.

Mallory is a mother of two, Selah Plum and Shepherd Keane. She lives in Minnesota with her parents, husband and children. Mallory is the coordinator of hope&plum's production side and is a babywearing educator. When she isn't shipping orders or helping customers with making babywearing more comfortable, you'll find her exploring new places, trapezing the zoo, or enjoying a local brewery.
Skye works as an attorney by day and mother/ wife/ business owner by night (and early mornings). hope&plum has given her an opportunity to pursue her entrepreneurial spirit, while also feeding her passion for babywearing. Babywearing is close to her heart as her first daughter, Eleanor Hope, was in the NICU for two weeks and Skye was unable to hold her until three days after she was born. Babywearing gave Skye and Eleanor the opportunity to develop the bond that they originally missed out on and it has been an integral part of Skye's journey through motherhood ever since.