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Woman wearing a tan and white striped baby sling carrier with a newborn baby.
Woman wearing a tan and white striped hope&plum ring sling baby carrier with a newborn baby.
hope&plum Ring Sling Baby Carriers

The perfect fit for every parent!

hope&plum Ring Sling Baby Carriers

The perfect fit for every parent!

Our ring slings support both you and your babe in more ways than one. With our baby carriers, you'll have the confidence to…

  • Ditch the stroller while out and about
  • Keep baby close from newborn to toddler
  • Carry quickly without bulky buckles or straps
  • Babywear in four versatile ways
  • Join a community of like-minded parents who genuinely care

Ready to see why thousands of parents have chosen hope&plum ring slings as their baby carrier? Grab your ring sling here!

Mother wearing baby sling with a sleeping newborn Baby carrier wrap

As a first time momma I knew I wanted to try a few carriers to see what worked best and the moment my sling came in the mail I was in love! I used it late in my pregnancy to wrap my belly, and was excited when my tiny babe was finally cleared by her pediatrician to be carried in her ring sling! The quality is so amazing I definitely recommend hope & plum to anyone I know having a baby!

Carissa W.

This has been the best purchase I’ve made for my baby & myself.The sling is beautifully made, the material is soft & of quality. I enjoy wearing my baby & I love that my arms are free to do what I need to do around the house.

Natalie B.

Both my partner and I are plus size. When researching baby carriers, I had to make sure that the items I was looking at would be appropriate for my baby’s height and weight, and for ours as well. Not all companies are size inclusive. hope&plum’s extra long slings are FABULOUS.There is plenty of fabric, and both baby and babywearers are cozy and comfortable.

Why hope&plum baby carriers? Certified hip health. Length Adjustable. Three versatile ways to carry.
Why hope&plum baby carriers? Certified hip health. Length Adjustable. Three versatile ways to carry.
A Little Bit About Us

Hi! We are Skye and Mallory, best friends and co-founders of hope&plum. We share a deep-rooted love of babywearing (and ring slings in particular) and co-founded hope&plum in 2018 to bring more size-inclusive and easier-to-use baby carriers to parents. Since then, we have worked towards growing an incredible community of hope&plum fans with our sustainable, diverse, and inclusive take on parenting ever since.

Two women wearing their newborn and toddler in floral print toddler ring sling baby carriers
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Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Absolutley! All of our baby carriers have been tested and certified to ensure your child's safety and comply with the safety standards set forth by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. We also are certified hip-healthy, which means you can babywear with peace of mind. Despite our rigorous testing, proper use is essential for safe babywearing.We highly recommend reviewing and practicing the recommended carrying techniques in our tutorial videos. 

Yes they are! Size-inclusivity is a core brand value for us and one of the reasons we started our company. You can learn more about how our baby carriers work well for plus-size parents here.

Literally, one of our favorite things about ring slings is the ability to wear them in so many different ways. The ring system combined with our soft fabrics allows you to mold the ring sling to your body perfectly. And that means several caregivers can use the same sling carrier without issue!

Yup! You can start wearing your baby when they are 8 pounds (or sonner with your doctor's approval). Learn more about how to use your ring sling with your newborn here.

Our ring sling baby carrier is safety-tested for use with kids weighing 8 to 35 pounds! They are perfect for babywearing your newborn and toddler.

Ring slings offer an incredible amount of versatility to caregivers. From being fully adjustable to being ablt to front, side and back carry, its no wonder this is our most popular style carrier! You can compare our other styles of baby carriers to our ring slings here on our comparison page.