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Areca Ring Sling


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With an olive green color reminiscent of its namesake, Areca is the perfect green ring sling! You will fall in love with our high-quality and soft linen fabric, which provides you and your baby with the support you need without compromising breathability or softness.

Best For:Hotter Climates and Younger Babies

Fabric Blend: Linen

Rings: Aluminum

Weight Limit: 8 to 35 pounds

Why hope&plum baby carriers? Certified hip health. Length Adjustable. Three versatile ways to carry.

Hear it from hope&plum customers:

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Created by moms

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Natural dyes & fibers

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Handmade in the US

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Yes! We find that most people who experience an average recovery from a c-section start using ring slings around 2-4 weeks after the procedure. We recommend keeping your sling high to reduce pressure on the scar and discontinuing use if you feel uncomfortable at all.

Absolutley! All of our baby carriers have been tested and certified to ensure your child's safety and comply with the safety standards set forth by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. We also are certified hip-healthy, which means you can babywear with peace of mind. Despite our rigorous testing, proper use is essential for safe babywearing. We highly recommend reviewing and practicing the recommended carrying techniques in our tutorial videos. 

Literally, one of our favorite things about ring slings is the ability to wear them in so many different ways. The ring system combined with our soft fabrics allows you to mold the ring sling to your body perfectly. And that means several caregivers can use the same sling carrier without issue!

Here’s the breakdown of our ring sling lengths: Short slings measure 74", the Mid slings 82", our Long slings 90", and our Extra Long slings 100”. Each ring sling is handcrafted, so these lengths are approximate! Check out our length guide here.

Not with practice! With every babywearing product, there’s a learning curve that goes with it. To make your ring sling journey as easy as possible, check out our extensive tutorial library here.

An excellent reference point is our extensive tutorial library. We take you through the many ways to use ring slings step-by-step. If you prefer personalized guidance, simply book a FREE 1:1 Fit Consultation here.

Yup! hope&plum ring slings give you the freedom to nurse or bottle-feed discreetly wherever and whenever so you can get on with life while nurturing your babe. Ring slings are your perfect feeding companion, no matter how you go about it.