Dynomite Ring Sling

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Our Dynomite sling offers a neutral base with a colorful BANG of stripes fitting for its name!

Icons describing hope&plum ring slings: ethically handmade, come with a community, easy to care for, adjustable for all bodies, low waste production, natural fibers

Our ring slings offer parents the perfect baby carrier! Made from two layers of our hemp chambray fabric, a blend of hemp and cotton fibers, sewn together for an even stronger sling carrier. Hemp provides strength and support, while cotton provides extra breathability and softness.  Our favorite textile to use for ring slings to provide support for heavier babies and toddlers, while also being soft enough for newborns.

What makes this hope&plum ring sling so special?

    • Extra strong support
    • Breathable and soft
    • Length-adjustable
    • Compact design
    • Handmade by local seamstresses
    • Attention to detail in every stitch and hem
    • Easy to clean (cold hand or machine wash)
    • Perfect for belly wrapping during pregnancy
    • Perfect for discreet nursing and bottle feeding
    • Suitable from newborn to toddler (8 to 35 pounds)
    • 3 versatile ways to carry
    • Certified hip-healthy
    • Lifetime Facebook Community support (join here)

Can I use ring slings after a cesarean section?

Yes! We find that most women experiencing a normal recovery from a c-section start using ring slings around 2-4 weeks after the procedure. We recommend keeping your sling high to reduce pressure on the scar and discontinuing use if you feel uncomfortable at all.

Are ring slings safe?

Absolutely! hope&plum ring slings have been tested and certified to ensure your child's safety and comply with the safety standards set forth by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. We also are certified hip-healthy, which means you can babywear with peace of mind. Despite our rigorous testing, proper use is essential for safe babywearing. We highly recommend reviewing and practicing the recommended carrying techniques in our tutorial videos. 

Are ring slings adjustable?

Yup! Every sling can be worn 3 different ways. The double aluminum ring system combined with our soft fabrics allows you to perfectly mold the sling to your body. And that means several caregivers can use the same ring sling without any issues.
How do the different lengths measure?

Our Short slings are made to measure approximately 74", the Mid slings 82", our Long slings 90", and our Extra Long slings 100”.
Is it difficult to use ring slings?

No it is not! With every babywearing product, there’s a learning curve that goes with it. To make your ring sling journey as easy as possible, check out our extensive tutorial library here.
What if I find ring slings too complex?

A great reference point is our extensive tutorial library where we take you through the many ways to use ring slings step by step. If you prefer personalized guidance, simply book a FREE 1:1 Fit Consultation here. In the highly unlikely instance that you don’t fall in love with your hope&plum ring sling after all, our dedicated buy/swap/sell Facebook Community allows you to sell your hope&plum ring sling to another grateful new owner. You can find it here.
Can I feed my babe while wearing a ring sling?

Yes! hope&plum ring slings give you the freedom to nurse or bottle-feed discreetly wherever and whenever so you can get on with life while nurturing your babe. Ring slings are your perfect feeding companion, no matter how you go about it.

Why babywearing?

Because it’s the key to empowered parenting that soothes both you and your babe.


⋂ Decreases the risk of postpartum depression
⋂ Supports cognitive and social development
⋂ Promotes overall health and wellbeing
⋂ Creates a strong bond with your babe
⋂ Lets you keep up with life hands-free
⋂ Keeps strangers at arm’s length
⋂ Makes traveling with babe easy
⋂ Allows for discreet nursing
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Paige K.
United States United States
My Husbands favorite sling

After a year of trying to convince my husband of how great slinging was (he's a bundle of nerves that the baby won't be secure when he tries to do it) Barley came into our lives. This was the sling he picked out on the website out of the options I presented and said to get (normally the response would have been a shrug and dismissal), and he has picked it off the rack himself when our daughter asks for uppies. It's so easy to adjust but still firm and supportive, and SO INCREDIBLY SOFT. I love the unique design and color combination, and that it is something both me and my husband feel comfortable wearing.

Paige K.
United States United States
The best subtle rainbow sling

Biscayne is the perfect marriage comfort and utility. It's supportive enough for my almost 2 year old, and effortlessly adjusts down to snuggle my 5 month old twins (one at a time, of course!). I only wish I could capture the tiny flecks of color in this sling better on camera! Biscayne holds a special place in my family, as it was the most used sling with my twin daughter who had to spend a little extra time in the hospital after she was born.

Paige K.
United States United States
Pajama Pants Coziness!

I'm not gonnna lie, I was nervous that the shiny stripe on this sling would affect the comfort, but boy was I wrong! Although this sling was soft out of the bag I did my diligent pre-wear wash, dry, and low heat dryer ball cycle (or 3, I love getting my slings buttery soft). When I reached into the dryer to pull her out I was shocked at how soft and cozy she already was! This sling feels like my favorite worn in pajama pants now, and both me and my daughter keep picking it out. It doesn't hurt that I feel fashionable in it too, and the soft pastel stripes give me just the right hint of vintage callback vibes.

Kayla K.
United States United States
The most supportive hemp ever!

This sling is by far the most supportive h&p yet! The color is striking and the structure it gives is amazing. It even holds up and offers plenty of support for wearing in the water!!

hope&plum Dynomite Ring Sling | Hemp Blend Review
Kayla K.
United States United States
Inkwood is my Dream Sling!

Inkwood is one of my favorite colors. I was NOT expecting it to be so soft. It’s the softness sling I own. It’s blankety but not heavy if that makes sense. The blue is stunning and it holds up to multiple washes and hair gets softer each time!!

hope&plum Dynomite Ring Sling | Hemp Blend Review
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Dynomite Ring Sling

Short / Rose Gold
Short / Rose Gold
$124.95 $99.99