Mother wearing her newborn in a yellow linen ring sling

Marigold Ring Sling


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Ring Color:

With a golden yellow color reminiscent of its namesake, Marigold is the yellow ring sling you need this fall season. You will fall in love (see what we did there?) with our high-quality linen fabric, which provides you and your baby with the support you need, without compromising on breathability or softness. Our ring slings offer parents a lightweight and versatile baby carrier that you can wear to the park, the shops or where you’re most comfortable―around the house. It is our out-of-the-box softness and attention to detail that has made our baby carriers the #1 choice for a growing number of families.

Why We're Awesome

Our baby carriers are handmade by independent seamstresses in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. We use natural textiles offering breathability and softness, while offering you and your baby strength and support. Our company is dedicated to sustainable and ethical production practices, with a commitment to quality and an attention to detail in every stitch and hem.

Easy To Clean

Suitable For Newborn or Toddler

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