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Mini Ring Sling


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We don't know about you, but we LOVE matching (or at least coordinating) with our kids. Minis are toy slings for the kiddos to carry their favorite friends! Mini ring slings come in a wide range of colors and fabrics that match our regular sized slings! All minis come with black rings. Ethically handmade in Minnesota. These toy ring slings are adjustable. Rings are attached via snaps for your child's safety. Ages 18 months and up. WARNING: THIS IS A TOY. Not to be used to carry a child.

Why We're Awesome

Our baby carriers are handmade by independent seamstresses in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. We use natural textiles offering breathability and softness, while offering you and your baby strength and support. Our company is dedicated to sustainable and ethical production practices, with a commitment to quality and an attention to detail in every stitch and hem.

Easy To Clean

Suitable For Newborn or Toddler

Compact Design