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Feature Friday: Elizabeth Sandoz

We were thrilled to have been on Elizabeth Joy's podcast, Miraculous Mamas, and loved getting to know her more! As a birth doula and prenatal coach, Elizabeth has insight into the ins and outs of pregnancy and birth, especially since recently welcoming her first child, Jovie, in September. On her IG @esandoz, she shares her life as a new parent and on her podcast @miraculousmamas, she shares tips for empowering and educating parents both pre- and post-partum.

Doula, Pregnancy, and parenting

What inspired you to become a doula and prenatal coach?

In college, I wrote a paper on home births vs hospital births and stumbled upon alarming statistics of the maternal death rates in the USA compared to other high income nations.  I felt there had to be something I could do.  Becoming a birth doula has helped me to empower women to make informed decisions for themselves and their babies. I love educating women on evidence based practices so hopefully we can one day change that statistic around. 

Why did you choose to start a podcast?

I decided to start Miraculous Mamas to empower mamas with education and storytelling.  Motherhood can feel lonely and the information out there can be daunting.  I wanted to create a safe space for women to connect on any part of their journey to learn and grow together.  The Miraculous Mamas community is one of my proudest achievements.  The mamas are so kind, loving and accepting.

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Favorite piece of pregnancy advice?

Prepare for pregnancy.  I know not all pregnancies are planned, so it can be hard. If you are planning to become pregnant, there is so much you can do to prepare your body, mind and spirit for pregnancy and motherhood.  We spend months planning a wedding and years getting a degree.  We just jump right into motherhood.  Before I got pregnant, I worked with a functional medical doctor to test my hormones and health.  I found out I was at risk for breast cancer and I had a parasite!  I am so glad I worked through this before getting pregnant because that would have had a whole different outcome on my body with the changing hormones and my body's absorption of nutrition. 

What has been your biggest challenge in parenting?

The biggest challenge in parenting for me is finding balance as a mom, partner and individual.  Learning to care for a child alongside myself in this new role has been very humbling and a grace-filled road.  It seems like 1 of the 3 (me, baby or partner) is getting neglected.  Being open with my partner, learning to let go and sharing the load has been very helpful.

Feature Friday: Elizabeth Sandoz

How did you find out about babywearing?

My older sister babywore with three of her babies so I always thought that's just what you do!

When have you found babywearing to be most useful?

When my daughter just wants to be held while I'm in the middle of doing something.  She will get fussy in the early evening and it's easy to just wear her and prep dinner.  It helps with finding that balance so I can love on her while getting a few things done!

What is your favorite thing about babywearing?

My favorite thing about baby wearing is being able to multitask.  I get to connect with Jovie and feel productive at the same time. Not that connecting with her isn't productive!  It very much is essential.  I also have to work to provide for her and nourish my body so I can nourish hers.  I also love babywearing in the outdoors! I would much rather wear her for a walk than take a stroller out.  Babywearing makes it easy for us both to feel connected and taken care of.


We appropriate all the helpful tips and insight Elizabeth has mentioned here! We had the honor of joining Elizabeth on her podcast a few months back. Click here to listen in! 

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