hope&plum Ring Slings

Yes, they are. hope&plum ring slings have been tested and certified to ensure your child's safety and comply with the safety standards set forth by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. We’re also certified hip-healthy, which means you can babywear with peace of mind. Despite our rigorous testing, proper use is essential for safe babywearing. We highly recommend reviewing and practicing the recommended carrying techniques in our tutorial videos.

Yes. Every sling can be worn 3 different ways. The double aluminum ring system combined with our soft fabrics allows you to perfectly mold the sling to your body. And that means several caregivers can use the same ring sling without any issues.

No. With every babywearing product, there’s a learning curve that goes with it. To make your ring sling journey as easy as possible, check out our extensive tutorial library here.

Nope! hope&plum ring slings are lightweight and compact so they fit perfectly into your handbag or baby bag. It’s the perfect practical alternative to strollers in large crowds, where space is limited or when you want to keep your baby extra close.

Yes. Ring slings can typically be used from birth. If your babe is under 8 pounds, we recommend talking to your doctor before using your sling.

Yes! hope&plum ring slings are rated for kids up to 35 pounds in weight. That makes them the perfect solution for newborns through to toddlers.

Yes. We find that most people experiencing a normal recovery from a c-section start using ring slings around 2-4 weeks after the procedure. We recommend keeping your sling high to reduce pressure on the scar and discontinuing use if you feel uncomfortable at all.

Yes. All hope&plum ring slings are size-inclusive and come in 4 fully adjustable lengths. They’re designed to support all parents and babes.

Our Short slings are made to measure approximately 74", the Mid slings 82", our Long slings 90", and the Extra Long slings 100”.

To see how the different lengths fit a variety of body sizes and shapes, check out our Length Guide here. We also offer FREE 1:1 Fit Consultations. Book yours here.

The rings are made of aluminum, which compliments our fabrics with their strength, longevity, and beauty. Each ring is meticulously hand-forged. The small cosmetic imperfections that can come with hand-forged products do not affect the functionality or safety of the rings.

A great reference point is our extensive tutorial library where we take you through the many ways to use ring slings step by step. If you prefer personalized guidance, simply book a FREE 1:1 Fit Consultation here. In the highly unlikely instance that you don’t fall in love with your hope&plum ring sling after all, our dedicated buy/swap/sell Facebook Community allows you to sell your hope&plum ring sling to another grateful new owner. You can find it here.

Yes. hope&plum ring slings give you the freedom to nurse or bottle-feed discreetly wherever and whenever so you can get on with life while nurturing your babe. Ring slings are your perfect feeding companion, no matter how you go about it.

“hope&plum has given me the chance to feel like I can manage the load without having to sacrifice those fleeting bonding moments that I might not get back.”

Heather Correa

hope&plum Wraps

Our wraps are made of an amazing Tencel cotton blend. They have just the right amount of stretch and luxuriously soft.

Yes, we do! We offer Short Length and Long Length in our wraps. Our Short Length is ideal for those who are a size 0-14 in women's sizes, while our Long Length is ideal for those who are a size 14-28 in women's sizes.

Our wraps are for use with babies who are between 8-35 lbs.

General Questions

Absolutely! Life with children can be messy, so we’ve designed our ring slings to be easy to clean. Depending on the extent of the stains, either machine wash, spot treat, or wash your baby carrier. Read more about our care instructions here.

hope&plum baby carriers are hand-sewn in Minnesota by work-at-home mothers. Not only does producing locally reduce our impact on the planet, the fair wages we pay also directly support local families.

Our current ring sling range comes in a choice of linen, linen/cotton and our signature hemp/cotton blend. They all have different features, get softer with use and have a valid space in our sling lineup for a reason.

Our linen and linen/cotton blends are lightweight and breathable yet extremely strong. Both come in a single layer. The signature hope&plum hemp/cotton blend is incredibly supportive yet soft and moldable. It absorbs moisture and keeps you (and your babe) feeling dry and cool in the warmer months and snuggly warm when it’s chilly. This blend comes in a double layer.

Ordering and Returns

Yes! Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions on how you can redeem them at checkout. Buy yours here.

You can find our refund and exchange policy here.

Yes we do! It’s worth noting that orders using a discount code are final.

Due to large volumes of orders during special events, some items can sell out very quickly.  Adding an item to your shopping cart does not reserve that item until you’ve completed the entire checkout process and have paid for your order.

You can cancel your order within 24 hours by sending an email with your order number to However, if your order happens to ship before we process your request we, unfortunately, won’t be able to stop it.

Unless otherwise stated as a pre-order, all of our orders are fulfilled within 5 business days of being placed.

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