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hope&plum is much more than just a baby carrier.

  • Marry ease with style
  • Live life with babe by your side
  • Be present for all your tiny humans
  • Comfort babe while getting things done
  • Replace mom guilt with calm confidence

At hope&plum, we’re determined to deliver an empowering take on parenting with every ring sling.

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We’re on this journey
Hi, I’m Skye!

With my firstborn, a traumatic birth experience that led to my daughter in the NICU and me in the ICU meant I couldn’t snuggle her for the first few days of her life.

Babywearing―and ring slings―quickly became my way to make up for ‘lost time’ and ultimately nurtured the strong bond with my babe I longed for at birth.

Crunching numbers, liaising with hope&plum suppliers and planning our next marketing campaign is my thing.

But I also have a career as a full-time corporate lawyer in Washington, D.C. That’s when I’m not chasing after my 4 adorable munchkins.

Yes, I like it busy!

Understandable when you’re the eldest of 10 siblings, right?

My fav parenting hack:
Lots of snacks!!
My favorite carrier:
I don't pick favorites...
My fav parenting hack:
Lots of snacks
My go-to sling:
Linen/cotten in mid-length
Hi, I’m Mallory!

I’m a trained babywearing educator and still have to pinch myself that hope&plum allows me to support new parents on their babywearing journey every single day.

I’m a mom of 3 adorable kiddos who keep me on my toes.

My husband and I are currently renovating our family home in Minneapolis, MN. It’s going to be colorful if my love of all things bright is anything to go by.

I spend my hope&plum days designing and commissioning new slings, sending your orders on their merry way, and supporting our incredible community with babywearing advice.

hope&plum means I get to live my passion.

And I couldn’t ask for more.

My fav parenting hack:
My go-to sling:
Hemp blend in long
My fav parenting hack:
My go-to sling:
Our Hemp blend in Long
Baby carriers the hope&plum way.

Conscious choices can have a massive impact on us as individuals and as a society. At hope&plum these choices mean we’re in it for more than a quick dollar.

Baby carriers the hope&plum way.

Conscious choices can have a massive impact on us as individuals and as a society. At hope&plum these choices mean we’re in it for more than a quick dollar.

Natural Fiber Baby Carriers and Linen Ring Slings

As a business and personally, the environment is close to our hearts. That’s why we repurpose fabric scraps into smaller hope&plum products, sew them locally, and only source the best natural fibers and dyes to minimize our impact on the planet.


Education is an important part of what we do. Ring slings are incredibly effective for your baby-wearing journey. And they’re even more effective with our FREE 1:1 fit consultations and hands-on tutorials that will turn your hope&plum baby carrier sling into your favorite parenting accessory every day of the week.

Ring sling baby carrier

Our support doesn’t end when your ring sling arrives on your doorstep. The hope&plum Facebook community of 1,400+ babywearing fans has you covered. Ask product-related questions, connect with fellow moms and discover new ways to show off your ring sling. You can even sell your used hope&plum ring sling in our popular buy/swap/sell Facebook Community when your babe wants to explore the world more independently.

Hand crafted and high quality ring sling baby carriers

No two caregivers - or babies - are perfectly alike, and we acknowledge and celebrate our differences! From our team to our online community, and our sling lengths to our social media content, we consciously strive for inclusion, diversity and empathy. We are committed to using our platform to uplift and support marginalized voices.

But wait, there’s more.

Meet some of the talented souls behind the hope&plum magic. Their passion and drive are woven into every single ring sling.

Hi, I’m Gianna.

Creative Director

Central Pennsylvania

My job is to make things pretty. Every day. And it’s so much fun!

My house is covered in carpet as far as the eye can see. Less than ideal when you’re a mom of a messy threenager and newborn.

I took on the creative side of things for hope&plum in 2020 and adore playing with new designs.

When I’m not wearing my hope&plum hat, I love to play piano, guitar and bass or weave the odd rug.

My go-to sling:
Linen/cotton in short
special thanks

A huge shoutout also goes to our family and countless friends who have contributed to the hope&plum dream in some shape or form over the years.

We couldn’t have done it without their support!

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