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Village Ring Sling - baby carrier hope&plum
Baby carrier boxes stacked on one another.

Ready for something better?

Welcome to hope&plum, where babywearing meets size-inclusivity, quality, empowerment, and style!

We’re on this journey


hope&plum is much more than just a baby carrier.

  • Marry ease with style
  • Live life with babe by your side
  • Be present for all your tiny humans
  • Comfort babe while getting things done
  • Replace mom guilt with calm confidence

At hope&plum, we’re determined to deliver an empowering take on parenting with every ring sling.

ready to join the movement?


Hi, I’m Skye!

With my firstborn, a traumatic birth experience that led to my daughter in the NICU and me in the ICU meant I couldn’t snuggle her for the first few days of her life.

Babywearing―and ring slings―quickly became my way to make up for ‘lost time’ and ultimately nurtured the strong bond with my babe I longed for at birth.

Crunching numbers, liaising with hope&plum suppliers and planning our next marketing campaign is my thing.

But I also have a career as a full-time corporate lawyer in Washington, D.C. That’s when I’m not chasing after my 4 adorable munchkins.

Yes, I like it busy!

Understandable when you’re the eldest of 10 siblings, right?

<3 Skye


Hi, I’m Mallory!

I’m a trained babywearing educator and still have to pinch myself that hope&plum allows me to support new parents on their babywearing journey every single day.

I’m a mom of 3 adorable kiddos who keep me on my toes.

My husband and I are currently renovating our family home in Minneapolis, MN. It’s going to be colorful if my love of all things bright is anything to go by.

I spend my hope&plum days designing and commissioning new slings, sending your orders on their merry way, and supporting our incredible community with babywearing advice.

hope&plum means I get to live my passion.

And I couldn’t ask for more.

<3 Mallory

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Meet the hope&plum Team!

Meet the incredible individuals who breathe life into our vision, fostering connections, and spreading warmth across our community. Get to know the faces behind the magic, each one bringing their unique talents and unwavering dedication to building a community where everyone feels valued and inspired!

Community Support Specialist


Why Babywearing?

Babywearing came to me in a time in my life in which motherhood felt overwhelming. With a husband in the military I am often on my own with my children. Suffering from postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety made me feel like I was failing as a mother. When my second child came into this world, I couldn’t imagine how I could give two kids what they needed from me.

Baby wearing didn’t cure my problems or make me a better mother but was a tool I used to help me daily. Babywearing, along with the community of baby wearers helped me feel less alone in motherhood.

Fun Facts!

I’m a twin married to a twin! We’re both fraternal! I was a longtime customer and supporter of H&P before I started working for them! 

I have four kids! The first two were named by my husband and the last two were named by me! 



Why Babywearing?

Babywearing is the first thing that felt natural about motherhood. I struggled with the transition from no kids to all of a sudden my entire heart is outside by body and I cannot control every little bit. Babywearing helped me keep by baby close and it was exactly what I needed.

Fun Facts!

I have two sweet little girls that I am just so obsessed with. They are a JOY.

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, but much prefer the Pennsylvania winters over the tropical summers. Still boricua through and the A.C. :)

I am a full-time attorney mostly working within the hemp industry and fully coincidentally we LOVE our hemp cotton blends here at hope&plum!

Content Specialist


Why Babywearing?

I dreamt about babywearing for years & years. My husband and I finally welcomed a baby girl into our lives, and I LOVE the snuggles and bonding that babywearing creates!

Meadow is a top favorite since it was Charli and I's first sling. I'll never forget wearing my itty-bitty baby in it. Frolic & Fete are also current obsessions.

I've always dreamed of working with a baby brand and I feel so lucky to work for such an amazing, inclusive, and fun company! 

Fun Facts!

My husband and I own a coffee shop & roastery together! Free coffee for lifeeee!

I write blog posts & shoot content/BTS at the hope&plum HQ as I'm local to Minneapolis!

Babywearing Educator


Why Babywearing?

Babywearing is cultural and personal and yet something that is community based. Personal in the way that every body, every baby has a fit design feel that is amazing for them and it's not always the same from baby to baby even within one family! Community based because that's how it was originally taught. One generation showing the next each taking a turn in carrying the young ones. It's a most beautiful art form to me.

Fun Facts!

I'm left-handed and still end up using my right hand for a bunch of things. I play tennis and serve volleyball right-handed actually.

I'm a shark week lover. I've watched it since its inception and my goal is to get my kids to love it like I do.



Why Babywearing?

When I was pregnant with my first, I knew I was going to babywear. I was completely overwhelmed by all the carrier options. But then I joined our local babywearing group. After my first meeting, I was hooked. I loved the community of like-minded caregivers. A teacher at heart but physically out of the classroom since having my own kids, I loved that babywearing gave me another educator outlet, and I quickly became a master educator. I am so excited to use my decade of babywearing knowledge to help such an inclusive and welcoming community!

Fun Facts!

I grew up in New Jersey and lived in New York City. You will never convince me that comparable bagels and pizza exist elsewhere.

My husband is in the Army, and we have lived in Honolulu, Dallas, and now the DC Metro Area.

In my freetime, I read, visit playgrounds, attend as much trivia and karaoke as babysitters allow, hike with my husband, kids, and dog, and try all of the delicious food I can get my hands on.