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How to Use a Baby Wrap (Tips & Tricks)

Soft wraps are a popular way to carry your baby, especially with newborns. Here at hope&plum we are known for our ring slings but have recently added a stretchy baby wrap to our offerings! We are happy to add the option to our selection of carriers so every caregiver can find a comfortable way to wear their baby. Here are some tips and tricks as well as frequently asked questions about how to use our baby wraps and make babywearing fun and easy.

Here are our top tips for how to use a baby wrap:

    1. Place baby in the baby wrap when they are happy and content.
    2. When prepping the wrap for your baby, have it snug but not tight. Since there is some stretch, you won't need as much space as you think. Less adjusting of the wrap = happier baby!
    3. Once in the baby wrap, ensure you can easily see baby's airway, at all times, that they are high enough in the carrier for you to kiss their head, and that their spine and neck are both well supported.
    4. If you or baby become frustrated or uncomfortable, take a break and come back and try again! Practice makes perfect and it’ll get easier with time.
    5. For more tips, check out our wraps tutorials on IGTV, here!

Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions about how to use a baby wrap.

There is so much fabric and I’m not sure where to start, help!

We understand that the amount of fabric can be intimidating, but we promise that once you practice it’s not as difficult as it might seem. We have lots of great videos on our IG page. Check out how to get the wrap on your body and get baby into the wrap here.

What is the weight limit for the baby wrap? Is it just for newborns or can I wear my toddler in it?

Our baby wraps have a tested weight range from 8-35 lbs. Most people find the wrap works best for them before baby is about 25 lbs.

Is the wrap one size fits all? How do I know what length to get?

We offer two length to accommodate a wide range of sizes. Our Short is 4.3 yards and our Long is 5.3 yards. When tying the wrap on you want to have enough left over to tie a secure knot. The Short length will be comfortable for wearers up to a size 10/12 US, while the Long length will be comfortable for wearers up to a size 28/30 US.

How many ways can I use the wrap? Can I outward face in it?

Our baby wraps can be used for a front parent facing carry only. It has not been safety tested to carry a child forward/world facing. If you’re looking for a way to hip carry your toddler, our ring sling is a fantastic option for those babes who like to enjoy looking around and interacting with others.

How do I prevent the baby wrap from getting loose or sagging?

To ensure you and baby stay comfortable and supportive make sure to take out any extra slack in the fabric. Our wraps are made of Tencel and Cotton, so they are soft, supportive, and breathable, with a small little bit of stretch. You don’t need as much space in the wrap as you think, so make sure it is secure but not overly tight; this will help prevent sagging later on as baby weights shifts and moves.

Is there a time limit for using a wrap?

There’s no time limit! You can wear your baby in a stretchy wrap as long as you’re both comfortable and happy. In fact, baby-wearing for three hours a day significantly reduces newborn crying — 43 percent overall and 51 percent at night. So hold that baby!

Benefits of Babywearing 

Great for traveling. Our love of being close to our babes, combined with the desire (and quite frankly, the need!) to be free to move easily, is what makes ring slings so essential to our everyday lives as caregivers. Ring slings are quick and simple to use, while also being easy to clean. (Both of which are invaluable when dealing with babies and toddlers!) Wraps, which can take a little more time than our ring slings, provide a snug and safe space, especially for those tiny babes. Being able to keep your baby close and warm and give you and baby some peace from all the buzz and noise that comes with traveling.

Research shows babywearing can decrease the risk of postpartum depression. A recent Canadian study found that mothers providing daily skin-to-skin contact to their newborn had significantly lower scores on the depression scales when their infants were one week, and marginally significantly lower scores when the infants were one month. Babywearing your newborn in a ring sling keeps them close to your body and allows for extended skin-to-skin contact—with the added benefit of getting to hold your baby hands-free.

Limits people touching your baby. While using a ring sling or wrap, your babe is kept close to you which can help prevent unwanted touching!

Benefits cognitive and social development. Babies who are worn are able to see what their parents see, hear what their parents hear or say, and are overall more involved in their parents' everyday lives. Also, when babies spend less time crying, they in turn spend more time learning and interacting with their environment. Having your baby so close to you allows you to respond to their cues and touch them more. These can contribute to enhanced learning and cognitive development, and overall wellbeing.

There is nothing quite like wearing your child in a baby wrap. While at first wraps can be a little overwhelming and can make you unsure of how to proceed, they provide you a way to hug your baby to you and keep your hands free. Our wraps are soft yet strong and have the perfect balance to provide a safe space for your newborn or toddler. We hope these tips and tricks can help make your babywearing experience a fun and wonderful time. We love seeing happy caregivers find the carrier that meets their needs and makes their lives easier.

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