Twilight Baby Wrap

Twilight Baby Wrap

Introducing our Twilight Soft Baby Wrap Carrier: the ultimate trick up your sleeve for looking effortlessly cool, even during those midnight cuddle marathons!

Ethically crafted in Minnesota, USA, with meticulous attention to detail, these wraps combine Tencel and Organic Cotton for the perfect support.Softness and style, all rolled into one cozy package, making your baby's naptime oh-so-enjoyable.

Two Lengths, Perfect for You: Bid farewell to the fabric fiasco! Choose the length that matches your style and size. Our Short Length caters to sizes 0-12, while our Long Length is tailored for sizes 14 and up, ensuring a snug fit that feels just right.

Elevate your babywearing adventure with our Twilight Baby Wrap. It's not just a wrap—it's your secret weapon for late-night strolls, blending comfort and style so you can rock the parenting game 24/7!

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Ready to up your wrap game? We know the market's flooded, but here's the deal – we're all about that A-game SUPPORT and next-level SOFTNESS. ✨ You deserve to feel like royalty, without any of that sagging drama you get elsewhere.

Our secret sauce? High-quality fabric made with 70% Tencel and 30% Organic Cotton that's all snuggles, zero sagginess. It's like wrapping in a cloud!

Perfect fabric isn't the only thing setting us apart. We've got something other brands don't – two amazing lengths that cater to your body. Because let's face it, one size never fits everyone. Find your perfect fit here!

Safety? We've got your munchkin covered, tested for babes from 8 to 35 pounds. And let's talk versatility – our wraps can handle whatever adventure you and your little one cook up.

Baby Wrap FAQs

Our stretchy baby wraps are made from an amazing blend of 70% TENCEL™ Lyocell, 30% Organic Cotton. They have just the right amount of stretch that balances comfort and support for you and your baby. Not to mention this fabric is super breathable and buttery soft!

Yes! Our baby wraps are safety tested for use with babies weighing 8 to 35 pounds. You can get approval from your baby's doctor for earlier use as well! Stretchy wraps are our favorite carrier for newborns and smaller babies.

Size incusivity is a core value here at hope&plum and out stretchy wraps are no different! We offer them in two lengths, short and long.

Our Short Length Baby Wrap is approximately 4.7 yards long. We suggest choosing our Short Length if you are petite or if you've used wraps before and prefer less extra length. 

Our Long Length Baby Wrap is approximately 5.7 yards long. We suggest choosing Long Length if you are in a larger body or have used other stretchy wrap brands and enjoy their length. 

We've got a great comparison page that explains the differences between our three baby carriers! You can check that out here to learn more!

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