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6 Expert Tips for Babywearing in the Summer Heat

Summer is here! The best time of year. Whether you're spending days at the pool, in your yard, or going on a lark (obviously while wearing a lark) it's best to understand how to safely babywear in the summer heat. We asked our VIP group for tips of their own and are sharing some tried & true tips for staying cool while baby wearing in the heat.

Perfecting your summer wear

Tip #1: Choose a Lightweight, Breathable Carrier:

You want to ensure you and your baby stay cool and comfortable in the summer months. Look for carriers that are made of lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton, hemp, or linen! (You're in the right place!) Avoid carriers made of thick or heavy materials, making you and your baby too hot.

Here at hope&plum, we only use natural fibers like hemp, linen, cotton & tencel for our baby carriers which allow air to circulate and absorb moisture. 

💡 Did you know? Hemp fabric has a natural UV protection. Although we aren't quite ready to advertise you don't need sunscreen, it's a great start to protecting yourself and baby! Our Larks and Hemp Blend ring slings are a great option for summer wearing! Hemp is also known for its antimicrobial properties and moisture absorption, ensuring a naturally more breathable wear.

Woman babywearing while hiking and exploring in the woods
@wild_lavanda_girl on instagram

TIP #2: Dress Both You and Your Baby for the Heat:

Opt for loose, breathable clothing that allows airflow to keep you comfortable while babywearing in the summer. Dress your baby in lightweight garments that cover their skin to protect them from the sun. Remember, a baby carrier counts as a layer, so choose clothing accordingly. Additionally, utilize sun protection measures such as a hooded meh dai, sun hats, and baby-safe sunscreen for exposed skin. You can also use the "tail" of your ring sling to cover your baby's head in the sunshine. 

Tip #3: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate:

Hydration is key in the summer especially when babywearing. Keep yourself hydrated with water breaks, and if you're nursing, consider a ring sling or lark for easy nursing on the go for your baby. 

Tip #4: Stay in the Shade (or Make Your Own):

Seek out shady areas when outdoors to prevent overheating. With a ring sling , you can use the excess fabric (or, as we call it, the tail) as a sunshade to provide your baby with shade. Just remember that you always want to be able to see their face and airway! 

Additionally, as mentioned above, using a carrier with a built-in hood or sunshade is a great option. Our meh dai carrier has a hood that can be used to provide shade for your baby's head and neck. 

Sun hats (for both baby + parent) are another great option for keeping cool! Check out our friends at Briar Baby for some cute options. 

A hope&plum ring sling user, Mikayla Wagner shares how she uses her sling as pool shade: "Using the ring sling as shade for a little play then a nap by the pool."

TIP #5: Take Breaks as Needed:

Listen to your body and your baby's cues, and take breaks to rest, cool down, and rehydrate as necessary. Find a cool, shaded spot to relax, whether it's a park bench, under a tree, or indoors. Sometimes, removing the carrier completely can provide relief from the heat for both you and your baby.

Woman babywearing her young child in warm weather
@snyder__emilia on instagram

TIP #6: Use a Damp Cloth or Fan to Cool Down (heck, or take a dip!)

If you or your baby start to feel overheated, use a damp cloth or baby fan to create a cooling breeze. Wipe down your baby's forehead, neck, and underarms with a damp cloth, or use the tail of your ring sling for a quick cooldown. Having a portable neck fan or spray bottle fan are great options as well especially for longer wears! Going swimming this summer? We have tested our light colored hemp blend slings and they have done great for easy swimming with your babe! We recommend rinsing your sling with cool water post swim & allowing it to air dry. Please note we cannot guarantee all chemically treated pools are safe for our fabrics. As always, keep a careful eye on your children while near bodies of water and do not emerge your child fully while wearing them in a ring sling.


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