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Embracing Connection: A Guide to Babywearing After a C-Section

Welcoming a newborn into the world is a joyous occasion, but for parents who have undergone a cesarean section, the postpartum period comes with its own unique set of challenges. Did you know you are able to babywear even if you have undergone a cesarean? In this post we’ll talk about the benefits, considerations, and practical tips for doing so. 

The Healing Power of Babywearing:

1. Physical Comfort:

After a C-section, finding comfortable positions for holding your baby can be a struggle. Babywearing provides a hands-free solution, distributing the weight evenly and reducing strain on the incision site.

Please remember to take babywearing after a c-section at your own pace. Some may be ready days after surgery, some may not be ready for weeks. If you are feeling pain directly caused by babywearing, it may be too early. It also would be a good idea to schedule a free fit check to ensure you are wearing baby correctly. 

2. Bonding Through Closeness:

Babywearing allows for keeping your baby as close as possible. It also promotes a strong emotional bond between newborn and caregiver and can help catch up for lost time potentially caused by cesarean births. Whether you had a cesarean or vaginal delivery, babywearing is a great way to bond with your baby post birth.

Pro tip: wear your baby around the house with little to no clothing on both of you to make sure you are able to get skin-to-skin time in! Skin-to-skin triggers oxytocin, promoting feelings of love, and security; crucial for both baby and the caregiver.

Practical Tips for Babywearing after a c-section:

1. Gradual Introduction:

Start with short babywearing sessions, gradually increasing the duration as your body heals. Listen to your body and prioritize your comfort and well-being.

2. Opt for Soft and Adjustable Fabrics:

Opt for carriers made from soft, breathable fabrics (hint hint: all hope&plum fabrics) that won't irritate the sensitive post-surgery area. Adjustable straps and wraps allow you to customize the fit, ensuring both comfort and security. You will want to wear your baby high and tight to ensure pressure is not applying to your surgical site.  

3. Embrace Support:

Enlist the help of a partner, friend, or family member when putting on the carrier initially. Having an extra set of hands ensures a smooth and stress-free experience. It is also a great idea to practice putting on your baby carrier prior to giving birth to feel more comfortable with how your carrier will work.

We asked the advice of caregivers in our hope&plum VIP community group and many had great success babywearing after cesareans:

“I used a wrap the day I came home from the hospital. Mostly bc I didn’t know how to use a ring sling yet with my first baby. It was great to wear him high up. Zero discomfort. I think he was 3 days old.” 

- Heidi Adkins

“I waited varying amounts of times just due to lack of comfortability/knowledge but my time from birth to baby wearing got shorter each time. First: about 6 weeks. Second: about 2 weeks. Third: 1 week”

- Riley Ginn (3x C-section mom)

“I baby wore probably two weeks after my csection and exclusively in my hope&plum ring sling because it put no pressure on my abdomen!”

- Kayla Kohl

“I wore both my sons the day I got home from the hospital, so like 5 days post op. (C sections for both babies) in those early days I used a stretchy wrap. I didn’t know about hope and plum then but I wish I did, because I think a ring sling would have worked great too.”

- Amanda Newcomb

“I had two planned c-sections, i wore both of my kids within the first week after surgery, either in an onbuhimo or stretchy wrap, and didn’t have any issues”

- Leighton Pohorilak

Embracing babywearing after a C-section is not just a practical solution but a great way to foster connection and promote healing! Need help choosing a carrier? Check out our comparison tool here!  

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