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Babywearing in the Winter

Being based in Minnesota, we know a thing or two about dressing during the winter! And just because the temperature has gotten colder, it doesn’t mean you have to stop babywearing! Here are our top tips for staying warm while babywearing this winter:

  • Layer up! If you only take one tip away from this, let it be this. Layers are crucial to warmth in cold weather. 
  • When getting yourself dressed, start with base layers (wool, fleece or cotton work!) of a tank and leggings and then work your way out. Multiple light layers are much better than one thick layer.
  • Dress baby in as many layers as you are wearing, and remember that the carrier counts as a layer!
  • Wear baby under your coat! This will allow you both to share body heat and stay cozy, plus it’s much easier to get a good fit with your carrier if you aren’t putting it on over a slippery coat. You don't need to buy any special coat for this, just reuse a maternity coat or borrow a coat from a spouse. You can also use a warm sweater or large hoody if a coat isn't an option. 
  • If you’re wearing baby under your coat (the best option for smaller babies and front carry), you’ll want to make sure you get a good fit in your carrier before you put your jacket on, because you’ll likely find it hard to adjust once you are all layered up. 
  • If you're wearing baby over your coat (a good option for back carry!), make sure that they are well covered and there is no exposed ankles or little hands and that they can maintain their body temperature well.
  • When dressing baby, you’ll want to avoid extremely bulky snow suits and focus on more pliable one-pieces made out of fleece or wool (you can even use fleece pajamas!). If you don’t have a one piece, try things like leggings and tall socks under sweatpants and a cotton shirt under a sweater or sweatshirt to keep the warmth in.
  • Balaclavas are a fantastic idea for baby, since it covers their whole head and neck! 
  • Foldover feet and hand cuffs are awesome to keep the chill out. You’ll want to make sure that baby has enough space from the end of the cuffs as too little space can put pressure on little toes and can keep you from getting a deep seat and comfortable fit in your carrier.
  • Always check on your baby to make sure they aren’t too cold or too warm. Place an uncovered hand on their torso to make sure they feel comfortable. If you notice things like blue lips, it’s time to take a break and add another layer before going back out. If you notice sweat or baby feels hot, shed a layer so they can cool down a bit.


 A white woman wearing a yellow ring sling with her baby in it. There is snow around them.

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