Featuring: Miah Marion

Miah shares her love for gardening and her life as a SAHM on her instagram @miahinreallife! Here, she shares a bit more about what babywearing means to her in her everyday life and how it intersects with her love for gardening!

How did you learn about babywearing?

It’s something that I have seen since long before I got pregnant. I learned about the different types of hearing from the Internet and social media so many different ways to add babywearing into your life.

What does babywearing mean to you?

Honestly, maybe wearing has giving me a sense of freedom during Postpartum time.  I find myself saying yes to more things because I know my baby going to be snuggly and close to me, but I still get the full function of my hands. I think back to my ancestors and really feel connected to them when I babywear, 
I feel that it is something that I was always meant to do with my children. 

Featuring: Miah Marion

How has being a parent changed you? 

Really helped me to become more childlike, seeing life through a child’s eyes will change the perspective of your own. I am here to guide my children give them love comfort affection safety and to experience the world around them, with them.

What’s your biggest parenting tip at this stage?

To trust your intuition and stop comparing your child to other children, everybody grows a little differently and that’s OK!


Featuring: Miah Marion

What has been your experience gardening with a little ones?

Gardening with little ones can be difficult Depending on the size of your garden, Gardens need it taken care of just like another family member in your home, However it is some of the most rewarding things to show your children where food comes from. 

When I don’t babywear in the garden I find myself getting significantly less done! So baby Wearing is my number one tool for gardening!

Featuring: Miah Marion

What would you tell a busy mom thinking about starting a garden?

Do it! There is nothing like having the peace in knowing that there is food in the backyard for your family. Babywearing is what makes tending to my garden easy with little ones! He knows the first thing we do in the morning is put on the carrier and check the garden! 

It makes it very easy to maintain your garden knowing that you have both hands and your child is secure and safe right next to you and is experiencing life right alongside of you! 

What’s your favorite part of babywearing while out in your garden?

 It helps me to be able present with him while also being present garden. It’s hard work to manage a garden, being able to have both of my hands and being able to carry things easily with him still on my back makes it possible to have garden with ease!