Ileana #holdbabieslovebodies

Ileana #holdbabieslovebodies

We are all in a different part of our journey to #holdbabieslovebodies. Ileana shares a little about how her support system and pregnancy led her to #holdbabieslovebodies:

Q. Did you struggle with your body growing up? 

A. Probably as much as the average young female--always wanting what I didn't have. I'm half Vietnamese and my hair has always been pretty straight. As a kid, I was so envious of my friends with curly hair. I even talked my mom into letting me get a perm (which didn't take) and made my hair smell terrible for a year.

Thankfully, I had a supportive and unique group of friends throughout high school and did not feel pressure concerning my body image. Once I got to college, my body started changing more. I gained weight and some curves too. I viewed this very negatively at first, but now, especially after having my son, I'm so proud of what my body can do.

Ileana #holdbabieslovebodies

Q. What did you love about your body before becoming a parent? 

A. In the last few years before becoming a parent I've really loved my eyes. They're one of my only features that hints at me being Vietnamese. They aren't very obvious, but they remind me of my bi-racial background (which has shaped who I am).

Q. How has parenthood changed that? 

A. It hasn't! It only makes me happier to see traces of myself in my son's eyes. :-)

Ileana #holdbabieslovebodies

Q. Do you want something different than your own experience for your children? 

A. I want to encourage them to embrace who they are from the start rather than realizing how special they are as an adult, which is how I feel about my own experience.