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Introducing the Lark Baby Carrier: Frequently Asked Questions and More

We’re excited to announce our brand-new product, the Lark Baby Carrier! Yes, we have entered our structured carrier era—and we’re thrilled to add another option to our lineup, expanding the choices for our amazing community of parents and caregivers.

We started hope&plum back in 2018 because we saw a lack of fun, gorgeous, AND size-inclusive carrier options. We started making bold, beautiful baby carriers that show off parents’ personalities and provide a perfect fit for everyone who wants to wear their baby. Fast forward a few years—we’ve absolutely adored making ring slings, stretchy wraps, and mei dais in our signature prints and natural fabrics!

Although ring slings are our forever OG, we know how many parents love the ease of a structured baby carrier. We also knew we could make an awesome one rooted in all the things that make hope&plum special. Our version of a soft-structured carrier had to check all the boxes: it had to be high-quality, beautiful, sustainable, comfortable, and most importantly, functional for life as a parent.

So, we dug deep and focused on the details. It took us over a year to design and produce the Lark Baby Carrier. From the adjustable waistband to the premium buckles and webbing to our inclusive size options, we thought of everything when we created the Lark. And we’re happy to say we stayed true to our hope&plum roots with this simple, versatile carrier.

Whether you’re a first-time parent who is a little nervous about babywearing or an experienced wearer who can pop a baby on your back with your eyes closed, you’ll find something to love about the Lark. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about the Lark Baby Carrier, including how to wear it, who it’s for, and much (much!) more. 

What is the Lark Baby Carrier?

The Lark Baby Carrier is an apron-style carrier with cross back straps. It is a soft-structured carrier, which means it has a body panel, a waist strap, and two shoulder straps. It comes in our signature hemp and organic cotton blend, including our custom prints and solids. 

Where did the name “Lark” come from?

We were inspired by the phrase “on a lark.” You know, when you have that great idea to do something spur of the moment, spontaneously, for fun. That’s a lark! We wanted our soft- structured carrier to be as easy to use as possible, perfect for those impromptu lark moments. Hence, the Lark Baby Carrier was born!

Who is the Lark for?

The Lark is for all parents and caregivers! Our vision for this carrier was to create a truly comfortable and adjustable carrier that will work for your family daily, through a range of stages and ages. It’s designed to be worn at home or on the go, with fussy babies or happy babies, grumpy toddlers and adventurous crawlers, on hikes and at the grocery store, with friends or on mama-baby adventures. It’s for you and every lark your family wants to go on.

If you’re a ring sling or stretchy wrap lover like us, you’ll appreciate the soft and moldable fabric, which is as close to a ring sling or wrap as you can get in a structured carrier. If you’re already an SSC devotee, you’ll appreciate the adjustability of the crossback straps and high-quality webbing and buckles. 

What makes the Lark different than other soft-structured carriers?

The Lark Baby Carrier is super soft and molds to fit you and your baby. You can easily sit your baby higher or lower on your body as your baby changes and grows! If you’re a birthing parent, this goes for you too—the Lark’s gentle support works with you through every change in your postpartum body.

Our cross-back straps help distribute your baby’s weight evenly on your body without putting strain on either your shoulders or your hips. Our straps are adjustable too—fold them in for comfort or leave them out for more weight distribution. There’s no hard-to-grab upper back strap, which makes it super easy to put on by yourself. Bonus? No bulky waistband, which means you can easily sit in the carrier!

We use natural fibers in our carriers (including in our cotton padding), making them breathable and washable. No stiff foam or sweaty synthetic fabrics here!

Plus, the Lark Baby Carrier comes in two sizes to fit a range of caregivers with both comfort and style. More on that below!

Is the Lark Baby Carrier size-inclusive?

Yes! The Lark Baby Carrier comes in two sizes, Short and Long. Short fits people who are XXS to L, while Long fits people who are XL to 6X. Don't let the names fool you; your height doesn't play into sizing! We thought about both petite people and people with bigger bodies when we designed our Lark Baby Carrier. It’s really important to us that we make carriers that reflect the diversity of bodies we live in as parents and caregivers. 

Does the Lark have padding?

The Lark Baby Carrier has lightweight cotton padding in the panel, waistband, and shoulder straps! We utilize a wider shoulder strap design to allow for better weight distribution rather than narrower shoulder straps. We find extra thick foam does not equal more comfort! For your little one’s additional comfort, there’s additional padding in the leg area, too! 

Is the Lark healthy for baby and toddler hips?

We made sure of it! The design of the Lark provides substantial support for your little one’s butt and thighs. Unlike ring slings or wraps, you don’t need to get your baby’s body in that deep M shape to ensure it’s healthy for their hips. It is all about making sure that their thighs are supported so that gravity doesn’t pull on their hips (think dangling legs, none of that here)!

Can you wear newborns in the Lark?

No, sorry! Even though the Lark is made for children who are 10-45 lbs, it’s not ideal for newborns. A newborn baby will sit down a little bit too far in the carrier, because of the size of the back panel (at 17.5 inches high). When the panel comes up high on your baby’s body, you may not be able to see their airway—and you always want to see your baby’s airway when you’re babywearing. We find that most babies can use the Lark when they’re around 3 months of age (or fit into size 3 month clothes, whichever is first)! Until then, you can try our stretchy wrap or ring sling

Can you wear toddlers in the Lark?

Yes! The Lark "Baby" Carrier is tested with children up to 45 lbs. Kiddos may reach that weight at different times, so you might even be able to wear your kindergartener if they’re less than 45 lbs! This is truly a carrier that can grow with you and your kiddos.

Can you back carry in the Lark?

Absolutely! You can start back carrying with children who have good head control and can sit unassisted, so around 6 months old. The Lark comes with a chest strap, which you’ll put on when you want to back carry. 

Can you carry front-facing (world-facing) in the Lark?

No, you can’t. While there are carriers out there that let you face your baby towards the world while wearing, the Lark is not one of them! We wrote more on why we designed it without that feature here. We find most families do just fine with front and back carry options. If you find your little one is eager to look at the world when being worn, we recommend a back carry or trying out a hip carry in one of our ring slings!

Can you nurse in the Lark?

You totally can! Simply loosen the webbing on either side, bring your baby down to about breast/chest height, and let them latch!

Can you bottle-feed in the Lark?

Yes! Bottle-feeding in the Lark is best for babies who have good head control. You can lower the carrier a bit and help them turn their head to one side to feed them on that side. 

Is the Lark breathable?

Yes! All of our fabrics are soft and light, appropriate for wearing in hot and humid weather (or with babies or parents who tend to run hot in any weather…we’ve been there!)

When will my favorite color or pattern be restocked?

With the Lark Baby Carrier, we’ve decided to do rolling restocks. So, we'll restock whenever we get more fabric in and can sew more carriers! Our talented local seamstresses are working hard to provide restocks to our community regularly. Be sure to sign up for our notifications via email so you don't miss out!

Why does the Lark cost what it does?

As a woman-and mom-owned business, we’re committed to sustainability and fair work practices throughout our entire supply chain. That means all of our carriers, including the Lark, are made in Minnesota, USA by seamstresses who receive an ethical, living wage. 

That means our carrier may cost a little bit more than others you’ve seen—but you can rest assured that that’s because of both our ethics and the quality of our carriers. 

How do I wash the Lark?

It’s machine-washable! We’re parents, too, so we get it—you need something you can throw in the washer with no worry because blowouts, spit-up, and spills are bound to happen. We got you! Be sure to wash on a cold, gentle cycle using detergent that is free of brightening agents. You can also spot-clean the Lark Baby Carrier as needed. 

Want to see the Lark in action? Head to  TikTok or  Instagram to see tons of videos of both Skye and Mallory wearing babies and toddlers in the Lark.

If you need help with your Lark, we’re here! Book some time on our calendar  for a babywearing consult session. We’ll get you wearing the Lark confidently in no time.

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