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Why hope&plum baby wraps?

Introducing our baby wrap

It's no secret here at hope&plum that our favorite baby carrier has been the ring sling. When we started our company back in 2018, we were excited to explore the many fabrics and patterns available to us to create beautiful and comfortable carriers. As our company grew and as a result, our community grew, we realized that we wanted to offer more than ring slings. Why? Because even though ring slings can be a versatile baby carrier, not everyone enjoys using them. And that's ok! So we decided to offer parents and caregivers more choices. We are thrilled to provide stretchy wraps in our first step in expanding our baby carrier products.
soft baby wraps hanging on a ladder


When we started sourcing fabric to make these baby wraps, we thought about what made us love ring slings, and the answer was easy. Breathability and support! We looked for high-quality fabric with the right amount of stretch and support without losing the softness we love. And this new fabric delivers! The perfect blend of Tencel and Organic Cotton is soft, strong, and breathable.

Let's talk about these fibers. Tencel is a versatile fabric that can be combined with a wide range of materials to create the perfect balance to get the qualities we want. Tencel is strong and absorbs moisture while maintaining its softness. Cotton, of course, is a favorite fabric in carriers, and it's soft, durable, lightweight, and also absorbs moisture. When blending these fibers, we get a baby wrap with the stretch, softness, and perfect amount of support.
The wrap has a two way stretch instead of a four way stretch making it feel more supportive without having any extra weight that makes carriers warm. These wraps have a tested weight range from 7-35lbs to carry your newborn and baby.
Photo from behind of mother holding baby in soft baby wrap


When making these wraps, we wanted to provide more than one length. Stretchy wraps have typically come in one length to be a one-size-fits-all carrier. While that works for many people, for some, the fabric length can be too long, leading to the caregiver feeling overwhelmed with all the extra fabric. And for others, the length might be a bit short to tie off. There are two lengths available with our wraps, short and long. Short is 4.3 yards, and Long is 5.3 yards. Giving everyone a chance to get the length perfect for them and their babes.
Mother holding baby in soft baby wrap

Choosing the carrier for you

Now, why would you want our baby wrap over our ring sling? Ring slings are ideal for carrying your newborn up until they're a toddler, and it's fast, easy, and can provide support without extra layers. Many caregivers like the multilayer support of a baby wrap, especially with newborns who need that additional head support. Keeping the baby snug between the wrap and themselves gives a sense of security that baby will not move around too much. It's easy to slip baby in and out of your wrap once you initially tie it on. Great for running errands, getting your big kids to school, or going for a walk. While both carriers have the same weight limit, the wrap really shines for newborns and babies before they get to 25 lbs.

So while we weren't obsessed with stretchy wraps when we first started our company, going through the process of designing these has made us fall in love with this type of carrier. Add in the hope&plum quality you've come to know, and it's a win. We know you'll be convinced too.

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