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The Perfect Baby Carrier

Embark on the ultimate babywearing journey with our all-new Lark Baby Carrier! Brimming with unique features (in TWO sizes) crafted for intuitive and effortless use, it's the must-have companion for seasoned parents and those joyfully stepping into the world of babywearing. Elevate your bonding moments with unparalleled comfort and style!



Gorgeous Fabrics

For Kids 10 to 45 Pounds

Husband and wife carrying their baby and toddler in the lark baby carrier on their front and back.

Front and Back Carry

Versatility is key! With the Lark Baby Carrier, you can choose between front and back carrying, providing options for every situation, from bonding time to on-the-go adventures.

Size Inclusivity

Say goodbye to extenders! The Lark Carrier comes in two sizes to embrace a wide range of body types. It's the most size-inclusive buckle carrier out there, ensuring a comfortable fit for all.

Even Weight Distribution

The Lark Carrier features wide shoulder straps that cross in the back that allows you to distribute the weight evenly across your back. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to lasting comfort!

Frequently Asked Questions