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About This Product

It's bibs! We can't imagine a more beautiful thing! But truly, these are a fantastic way to keep your kiddo's drool contained and their cute shirts dry. We placed two open ring snaps on the neck, so you'll be able to customize the fit for your little one's neck.

Size: 16" wide and 8" long

Care: Wash before use. Machine wash cold with like colors, do not bleach. Tumble dry low. 

About This Collection

The fashion industry has a waste problem and we don't want to be a part of it! In an effort to maintain a more sustainable (and ethical) production process, we have made our fabric remnants, scraps, and cut-offs into something beautiful! This collection is one of the small ways we take accountability for our environmental impact.


Sustainable. Ethical. Intentional.

Our small items are handmade by independent seamstresses in Minnesota. We use the fabric remnants from our baby carrier production to prevent textile waste from going into landfills. Our company is dedicated to sustainable and ethical production practices, with a commitment to quality and attention to detail in every stitch and hem.

100+ ethically sourced fabrics and materials
Made by independent seamstresses
Exclusive use of natural dyes and fibers
Ethical production practices in MN
Commitment to zero waste and saving our planet
Over 1,200 lbs. of textile waste saved

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...