Feature Friday: Jasmine Dore

Our blog today features one of our favorite mamas, Jasmine Dore. She is a content creator who inspires us through fashion, babywearing, breastfeeding, and all things motherhood.

As a mama to four beautiful children, Jasmine captures glimpses into her daily life on her Instagram and shows us what products and life lessons she uses to thrive. We can follow along as she shows us the highs and lows that come with parenting. It's easy to feel encouraged as we relate to the wonder of breastfeeding, the fun of babywearing, and the exhaustion that can sometimes come from just doing what it takes to make it day by day. You can follow her and her family @jasicamilledore on Instagram!

Family front porch photo 

Biggest challenge in motherhood/parenting?

For me is that every child is different. So what worked for one child or the personality of the child is different for each. So figuring out each child and what works for each one is a struggle. Especially the older my oldest gets it's like I am in a whole new territory. My little ones, I have been there and done that multiple times haha.

What challenges have you had to overcome(parenting or otherwise)?

I will say in general being confident in who I am as a wife, mother, and friend. It is so easy to look at others and see how others dress, hold themselves, parent their children, and etc. Having to get past that hurdle once passed is freeing. I still have my random days, but I think we all do

Mother wearing a baby in a golden yellow ring sling

What has been an achievement or victory you're proud of (parenting or otherwise)?

I have two. One is that I know when my children go somewhere or with others that I get complimented on their behavior. I never wanted my children to be perceived as bad black kids as the world views them. Teaching them how to act in public and what not was always a pressure that I put on myself I guess from society. They have their moments, but the compliments help to let me know I am on the right path. Another is the community that I have built on Instagram. I started it when I lived in  Philadelphia away from family and friends and wanted some type of community. I try to keep it as real as possible and as motivating and encouraging as possible. We see so much negative so I like to be a light. My DMS and comments let me know that I am helping someone and there's no better feeling than that.

Mother with her four kids  

What inspires you?

In daily life is just being the mother that I ultimately would have wanted. Writing down what she looks like to how she talks to others and her children. Then I try daily to be that. Doesn’t happen every day, but I am intentional about who I want to be and work on becoming that. When it comes to content, my life inspires me. I try to be real and myself. What you see is me daily, not just me for Instagram. Me all day. I hope me being me inspires someone to just be themselves and love themselves and their homes no matter how they look

Mother wearing baby in a ring sling baby carrier

How did you find out about babywearing?

I found out about babywearing through ladies in my church. Before that, I had never seen it before from family and friends. I loved that you could put on a carrier, carry your baby around and then get everything done that you need to. So I started babywearing with my oldest.

Mother using ring sling as a belly wrap

When is babywearing most useful for you?

ALL DAY! Haha. I am a mama of four, I need my hands at all times. So from going to the grocery store to just cleaning the house, I babywear all the time, especially when they are little. To make breakfast, lunch, and dinner to walks in the park.

What is your favorite thing about babywearing?

My favorite thing about babywearing is the closeness you have with your baby. Them just snuggling up to you which consoles and calms them down is the best. I loved doing skin to skin this way. 

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