Small Shop Feature: Kayleigh from Heritage Baby Designs

Heritage Baby Designs is a Black-owned ring sling company, run by an amazing mama-owner, Kayleigh, and is based out of Ontario, Canada. It is an eco-conscious brand with a focus on low-waste. Heritage Baby Designs gives back by partnering with Plan International Canada, that helps provide medicine for one mom and baby for each sling that is purchased. Their ring slings are handmade in Ontario and made with 100% European linen. You can find them on IG @heritagebabydesigns or on their website!

Not only does Kayleigh run Heritage Baby Designs, but she also owns Teri Co - A company that makes silicone faux leather mats that are both earth friendly and animal-product free, while also soft and stylish! Our co-founder Skye is obsessed with hers and we can say with 100% certainty that you will love them! You can learn more about them on IG or at

Let’s dive in...

What inspired your businesses?

Heritage was born when I couldn't find a Canadian brand that fully shared my values.  It seems so simple, but I made a vow years ago to support as many like-minded brands as I could. I decided to dig up my grandma's old sewing machine and take a crack at making my own sling.  I ended up going down a deep rabit hole learning about slings, babywearing, regulations, etc. I sewed my sling, thought 'why not me' and the rest is history! Teri was born VERY quickly, much like my second child.  The seed was planted by a friend searching for a brand they felt good about supporting, one thing let to another and it has been so well received!
Small Shop Feature: Kayleigh from Heritage Baby Designs

What challenges have you had to overcome?

In life? Many. In business, none that have made me want to quit (yet, anyway).  I see challenges as hurdles meant to be jumped. They're expected, part of the journey and necessary. 

What has been the biggest achievement or victory so far in either (or both) of your businesses?

Biggest victory is just how well bothhave been receieved.  Part of me wakes up daily ready for someone to be upset with me for something I've said/haven't said and I constantly have dreams of customers hating their product.  The day will come - it's inevitable, but I'm very pleased to have come this far with so much support from those who are getting to know me, my brands and what I stand for.

Small Shop Feature: Kayleigh from Heritage Baby Designs

How did you find out about babywearing?

I was born to be a mother and so have always been into everything babies.  I used to see pictures of (mostly) women carrying their babies and think to myself 'that looks so logical'. Why wouldn't you want your baby close to you? Why wouldn't you want to be able to use your hands? Why wouldn't you want your baby to feel the comfort of touch? I owned a stretch wrap, ring sling and two structured carriers before my first was even born.  I wore him for the first time at 8hrs old. I was hooked...clearly, still am.

When is babywearing most useful for you?

When my baby needs me.  I know that sounds like it'll never end, but I know that it does.  I currently have a 3 year old transitioning into big-brother-hood and a 1 year old learning her way through the world.  Both are pretty independent kids, but need comfort when they're down or nervous or out in public.  Wearing alows me to be their comfort while maintaining what I need to/want to do for me.  I hear of postpartum people losing their sense of self due to lack of being able to serve themselves - babywearing leaves some more room to serve yourself AND your baby.
Small Shop Feature: Kayleigh from Heritage Baby Designs

Favorite thing about babywearing?

I feel powerful when I wear my kids.  I feel like I'm fulfilling my purpose of 'Mommy' when I can ease their worries.

Biggest challenge in motherhood/parenting?

Always being on. Even when I'm out of the house or at night when they're both asleep - being their mom is never ending.  This is both wonderful and daunting.  

Small Shop Feature: Kayleigh from Heritage Baby Designs

Favorite piece of parenting advice?

I have two. One is my own advice: trust your gut.  No one..and I mean NO ONE knows your baby/child the way you do. They can't possibly, so do not let anyone get in your head.  The same way you let your child fumble on their first steps, you too have to fumble to find your feet and then you'll soar. The second I read: 'just add water'. When times are tough, just add water.  Maybe it's having a drink, maybe it's getting your kid in the bath, maybe it's going for a walk to a pond.  It continues to work for me.
Small Shop Feature: Kayleigh from Heritage Baby Designs