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How to Babywear in the Summer

Summer is a great time to get outside and explore the world with your baby, but it can be challenging to keep you and your little one cool and comfortable while babywearing in the heat. Here are some tips for staying cool while babywearing this summer!

Tip #1: Choose a Lightweight, Breathable Carrier

You want to ensure you and your baby stay cool and comfortable in the summer months. Look for carriers that are made of lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton, hemp, or linen! Avoid carriers made of thick or heavy materials, making you and your baby too hot.

Here at hope&plum, we only use natural fibers for our baby carriers which allow air to circulate and absorb moisture. (As an added bonus, hemp fibers are antimicrobial and odor-resistant, handy with babies!)

Tip #2: Dress Both You and Your Baby for the Heat

When babywearing in the summer, it's essential to dress both you and your baby appropriately! Wear loose, lightweight clothing that allows air to circulate, and avoid wearing layers or heavy fabrics. Dress your baby in light, breathable clothing that covers their skin to protect them from the sun! IMPORTANT: Remember that a baby carrier counts as a layer too. 

When babywearing outside, it's important to protect your baby from the sun. Use a baby carrier that provides ample shade and covers your baby's head and neck. You can also use a sun hat and apply sunscreen (after 6 months) to any exposed skin.

Tip #3: Stay Hydrated!

Staying hydrated when babywearing in the summer is essential, especially if you're outside in the heat. Bring water and take breaks as needed to drink and cool down! 

You also want to make sure your baby stays hydrated as well! If you are nursing, consider using a ring sling which will allow you to nurse quickly and easily in the carrier. If you're bottle feeding, remember to bring a bottle with you while out and about in the heat so your baby can stay hydrated too!

Tip #4: Stay in the Shade (or Make Your Own)

Staying in the shade is an important part of babywearing in the summer! When you're out and about, look for shady areas where you can take a break and cool down. 

With a ring sling, you can use the excess fabric (or, as we call it, the tail) as a sunshade to provide your baby with shade. Just remember that you always want to be able to see their face and airway! Another option is using a carrier with a built-in hood or sunshade. Our meh dai carrier has a hood that can be used to provide shade for your baby's head and neck. Simply attach the hood to the carrier and adjust it as needed to cover your baby's face and neck.

If you're using a carrier that doesn't offer enough shade or coverage, you can also use a lightweight scarf or blanket to create your own shade. Be sure to choose a lightweight fabric that won't add extra heat.

By staying in the shade or creating your own shade, you can keep your baby cool and protected from the sun while babywearing in the summer.

Tip #5: Take Breaks as Needed

Babywearing can be physically demanding, especially in the summer heat. Take breaks as needed to rest, cool down, and rehydrate! When you need a break, look for a cool, shady spot where you and your baby can rest and cool down. This can be a park bench, a shaded area under a tree, or a cool indoor space. Sometimes it's best to take the carrier off completely, especially if you and your baby are both feeling too hot!

Remember, listening to your body and your baby's cues is important. If either of you is feeling uncomfortable or overheated, it's time to take a break and cool down. You can enjoy babywearing in the summer by taking breaks as needed while staying safe and comfortable!

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Tip #6: Use a Damp Cloth or Fan to Cool Down

If your baby feels hot, use a damp cloth or wipe to cool them down. Gently wipe their forehead, neck, and underarms with a damp cloth. Or, our personal favorite is to use a baby fan or mister to create a cooling breeze! In a pinch, we've been known to wet the tail of our ring sling and use it to help cool our babies down. Whatever works, right!?

Then turn around and use these on yourself because you're probably feeling the heat too, and you need to stay cool (not that you're not cool, but like, cool temperature-wise). 

By following these tips, you can keep both you and your baby cool and comfortable while babywearing in the summer. Happy babywearing!

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