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Small Shop Love

Mother's Day Small Shop Gift Guide

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we wanted to create a gift guide of our personal favorite items and highlight some amazing small shops. 


Wardrobe Staples

Arq Crop Tank and High Rise Undies

Mother’s Day Small Shop Gift Guide

It might be weird to recommend underwear, but these are the absolutely best. The waist is extra high, the bound edges don’t restrict, and the inclusive sizing makes these a win. Pair with the Crop Tank, and we think any mom would love to have this beautiful and comfortable set!


Harvest & Mill Socks 

Mother’s Day Small Shop Gift Guide

These socks are basic, but oh so comfy. Sometimes we just need something luxe for something so simple.


Adelisa&Co Leather Sandals 

Mother’s Day Small Shop Gift Guide

A staple in any wardrobe, we love these beautiful, thoughtfully made leather sandals!



Live Botanical Grapefruit and Magnolia Body Oil 

Mother’s Day Small Shop Gift Guide

This oil has the most heavenly scent of magnolia and is our favorite for warm weather.

Olio E Osso Balm

Mother’s Day Small Shop Gift Guide

Conviently packaged and easy to apply, this cheek and lip balm is perfect for a quick pick me up of sheer color. Our favorite colors include No. 3 Crimson, No. 9 Spring and No. 10 Tea Rose!



Brass Petal Jewelry 

Mother’s Day Small Shop Gift Guide

Plant lovers with be thrilled with these gorgeous, handmade pieces that include dried flowers in the design.


Mother’s Day Small Shop Gift Guide


Velvet Orange Designs

Mother’s Day Small Shop Gift Guide

We love both of these lovely shops and their handcrafted, lightweight earrings, which are perfect for on the go days as a mom!


Enjoy and Happy (early) Mother’s Day!

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